I have been meaning to start a Blog since the Birth of my Journey. That Journey you ask? It could be maintaining a job, hustling on a side gig, continuing my education, taking care of my family... and most importantly, my well-being. I told myself that I should take life more seriously, especially that I'm nearing the BIG THREE-O. I recently bought a website under my name that finally became available after waiting for so many years, and I found this old blog that I left behind in 2012 that I decided to reboot.

So what have I been up to all this time? Well the Title speaks for itself. I am a Mom again to two wonderful boys. My first born begged for many years for a baby brother. Well he definitely got his wish. He gained a brother while I gained plenty of pregnancy weight (190lbs to be exact). They say if it took 9 months to put it on, then it can take 9 months to take it off. They say you are what you eat, and I must say I really love food. I definitely do not want to follow any diet fads and let's be real, Summer is almost here and we are talking about BBQs and Beach Days. I got a game plan on how I am going to lose it all. Keep in mind that I'm 5'1. As of now, I'm 170lbs. I want to check-in with my Doctor first before I starting my weight-loss plan. I definitely want to post the details about it another day.

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Those that already know me well enough that I am an It Works! Distributor. Before you make any assumptions that they are a scam, I was a Loyal Customer a year before I decided to become a Distributor. I mean why not get paid for the products I already love and use?

As a Loyal Customer, I had the opportunity to try different products that fit my needs. I've always had a bit of a problem skin. The pregnancy hormones can make it worst. I tried to hide it with a little bit of makeup, but we all know that we need a smooth canvas for that. I paid a dermatologist a few years back to analyze my skin to see what was wrong. Trust me, it was very expensive. She stuck my face into some kind of machine that was like an ultra magnifier glass. I didn't have the correct skincare routine at the time. Mostly drugstore and Sephora products. She had me do a chemical peel, which seems great at the time, but it got too uncomfortable continuing that method. That burning sensation was real. I was thankful an old classmate of mine introduced me to It Works! I ended up getting the whole skincare line to maximize my results.

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I started off with the Cleanser, which is great for all skin types. I have oily to combination skin. It really depends on the weather. I wear Kat Von D makeup line that carries very strong pigments. This cleanser is strong enough to remove it without stripping my skin's natural moisture. I follow-up with an ultra-light, hydrating Toner. What I love about this is that it's alcohol-free. The Drugstore Toners that I used in the past for acne and such always left me looking a bit red. This Toner minimizing the appearance my pores while improving my skin tone and texture. Now I'm not trying to sound all sale-sy, but this is just from my own experience. People noticed my skin have been looking more youthful. I made sure to apply my night cream gel before bedtime and day cream gel before I head out the door. Is there a difference? Now I'm no Dermatologist or Scientist, but I can say both creams aren't heavy at all, but definitely the day cream gel is obviously lighter compared to the night cream gel.

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I had my fair share of visiting Spa for facials. The only difference is I'm not spending banks when I can have the Spa Experience right in my own home. If you're still reading this, I applaud you for not being bored already. I'd say I spend about $100 for each facial. With this and the facial mask, I was able to enjoy 4 treatments without spend that much mula. It's recommended twice a week, but honestly for me, once a week was good enough to make my skin feel baby smooth. Applying makeup gotten easier without feeling cake-y. I skip the foundation and concealer now thanks to this skincare line. All I use now is my all time favorite Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 35 as my sunscreen on top.

A little goes a long way so these products lasted me for at least 90 days. Now that I talked about how I care for my skin on the outside, on my next post, I will talk about what I am doing to take care of my health.

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