Hi! My name is Zyna Pen. I am 29 years old, a Mom to 2 handsome boys. A lot of times when I go to gatherings/events, I often get asked, "What do you do for work?" "Well I "work-at-home" handling mystery shopping and sharing my products." People generally give me a confuse look, "Mystery Shopping? What's that? And what do you mean by sharing products?"

Mystery Shopping 101
Way before I started working in a Market Research Company for about 4 years, I was a Product Tester and Secret Shopper. Whether it's Mystery Shops through phone calls and visiting stores, banks, restaurants...you name it. It's real and pays really well once you get used to it and know how to make a route. You just have to be smart about it. I for one always traveled with a smart phone with internet enabled so I generally I always finish my assignments on the go after the visit is done (I use PdaNet+ for Android t to share my cell's internet service to my laptop). Working for a Market Research Company definitely has its perks. I know what details the clients are looking for so writing these surveys is always easy and fast. If you feel that it takes too long to complete a survey, maybe it's not right for you. Practice makes Perfect they say! I don't Mystery Shop for my own Company, but it definitely taught me the 411 with all the Certified Mystery Companies out there. I also made some Secret Shopping Friends along the way :-) My favorite platform, Presto InstaShops. Ideally, I prefer using my computer to get a full detailed map on what shops are available, but you can also use your smart phone.

I have no trouble traveling to any of these destinations to get the job done. I think of these locations as gas money. Some shops pays up to $150+ You just got to know where to look ;-) It also depends on where you live and where you are going! If I'm going on a road trip, of course I want to grab some Mystery Shops along the way! I know that will fund for my gas tank at least.

Health & Wellness
Most often get confused when I mentioned that I "share my products". They always ask, "how do you get paid for that?" I always reply, "Do you get paid when you share your latest brands on Social Media?" 9/10 generally answers, "No." We live in a time where everyone is so obsess with Social Media and always want to follow the latest trends. Like I always say, I am the product of the product. People see me use these products in my daily routines. As a Mom to a 9 year old and an infant, I learned that I am not getting any younger so I have to take care of myself. I always had a thing for supporting small businesses. One of them was through my Sponsor, whom I've known since High School. She's one of the hardest working Moms I've ever met. She introduced me to a line that I felt in love with.

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If I wanted to grow long healthy hair, we had HSN for that. If I wanted to lose weight, there's a full line of that and one of my favorites is Fat Fighters. If I feel like my family is not getting enough fruits and vegetables in their diets, we have Greens for that. When I need protein and not just any protein, but a CLEAN Soy-Free, Non-GMO, Dairy-Free, Vegan, No Artificial Colors, Flavors, or Sweeteners, Free of Antibiotics and Growth Hormones, a Heart-Healthy Formula that’s Low in Saturated Fat and Cholesterol-Free. We have the Shake for that. This premium brand line has become a staple in my household so it's no brainer that I should also get paid to share these products and I can through different ways to achieve that. Whether it's Fast Cash, Residual Commissions, Fast Start Bonuses, Loyal Customer Bonuses and Retail Customers. I have a website for that where I don't have to carry any inventory. Online Marketing is the New Age.

More About Me
I love Food. A lot of times I prefer cooking at home instead of going out to restaurants. Something about being in the kitchen makes me really feel as ease. I often share what I'm cooking on my Instagram. It's not always fancy, I'm no pro-chef, but I do enjoy experimenting in the kitchen. I often watch Food Shows like Mind of a Chef. I always find food fascinating and how people are always improvising. That's what I like to do in the kitchen. I improvise until I find what I love then try to make it better. I plan on leading a healthy lifestyle, so most often I like to cook healthy food. Sometimes I'll treat myself to a cheat meal. Food is Life! My favorite Food Blogger at the moment is Seonkyoung Longest. I absolutely adore her live cooking shows and recipes. She has a fantastic personality. I'd love to cook and hangout with her one day.

Here I used my leftover Baked Salmon mixed in with Tabbouli Salad
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