Ever heard of that saying, "Kill 2 Birds with 1 stone?"

I am a Mom with 2 boys (9 and under 1) always looking for ways to support my family using my computer and saving everyone money. I'M NOT ASKING FOR HANDOUTS. Like everyone else, I have bills to pay like rent, car insurance, utilities and the unpopular dreadful "STUDENT LOANS" (Graduated with a 4.0 GPA in Business Administration).

Over the years, I always focused on Marketing. I bet I always annoy my family & friends about saving money and how everything adds up over time! Patience is KEY! Well with my methods, you'll hardly notice it until it comes pay day! I use these services myself and they are FREE! I often brag about my savings through my social media since I cannot contain my excitement. To me, it's literally FREE money and how are people not already taking advantage of this!? This is the reason why I am the MASTER ACCOUNTANT in this household.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to use "Google Chrome" as your browser. There are so many extensions that you can take advantage with earnings and saving money! Some of them have Apps too!


All these wasted years I've been shopping online not realizing I can earn money from hundreds of participating stores. When you start your shopping at SwagBucks, you earn points called "SB" when you make a purchase. You can redeem your SB for "FREE" gift cards. Too good to be true? My 1st Gift Card I decided to redeem was PayPal because I can easily deposit it back to my checking account. They have a Rewards Store with over 140 brands to choose from like Amazon, Walmart...etc.

For that to work, you have to start at to earn SB for that purchase. For example, SwagBucks offers up to 3% Cash Back with Amazon. That is 3 SB for every $1.00 you spend at that store. If you are a saavy online shopper like me, it's going to accumulate very quickly! In other words, for every 100 SB = $1.00! I always wait for mines to reach 2,500 SB to redeem the $25 PayPal.

I install their SwagButton browser extension so that I don't have to start at SwagBucks every time I shop. It will notify me when a store I'm visiting is offering SB. Just click on that button to reap the rewards! They also have an app. Whenever you need to "kill time", why not get paid by watching their videos and completing their surveys? Sometimes it's interesting, sometimes it's not! I'm not complaining as long I'm earning SB for it!

Let's talk about EBATES. Very similar to SwagBucks, I link both my VISA and AMERICAN EXPRESS credit cards to take advantage of in-store Cash Backs. One of my favorites is The Children's Place! How many Moms do I already know shop this place!? Best part is that I LINK not your basic credit cards...but the ones with the REWARDS CASH BACK! So if you think about it, I'm getting cash back through my banks and also through EBATES!!!! Talk about being a Savvy Shopping Mama!

Just Shopping on Groupon and EBATES Discounts automatically pops up!

I already get up to 5% on my daily purchases whether I'm putting in gas, buying groceries...etc. Why not get a little more extra through EBATES? It only makes sense right? When you're in charge of the household budget, you have to shop smart! People complain  about how hard it is to save money. Well instead of that swear jar, here's a place to start! Little things adds up and you can either put them away in savings or invest it!

When I first signed up with EBATES, I got my $10 Welcome Bonus that I choose to get paid through PayPal. My first purchase guess it, The Children's Place :-) The minimum to get paid is $5.01 if you're curious. So if you use my referral link to sign up with EBATES, you will help me earn $50. It's not a lie, I get $5 for every friend that I refer + $40 Bonus when I have 2 friends that join and make a purchase (The purchases have to total $25 or more that earn Cash Back within one year following signing up). I believe they are ending the $50 bonus on September 30, 2017.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Here's another great one that I absolutely love! You may have heard of them from Mashable, Business Insider, Time, BuzzFeed, Forbes and c|net. In addition to earning points like SwagBucks, this automatically applies coupons for you at check out! Sometimes I hate myself for using my phone to shop because I would miss the discount codes. For every person that signs up through my referral link, I can get $5 with their 1st qualifying purchase. Often I would see 500 Gold pending from referrals because they haven't made their 1st purchase yet. 100 Gold = $1.00! 1,000 Gold is the minimum to redeem so basically $10.

When you create your 1st account, you start off with their welcome bonus +50 Gold. You can easily combine all three websites to activate bonuses, for example, Groupon. Who doesn't use Groupon!? 3% Cash Back from SwagBucks (3 SB per $1 spent), Up to 3% - 6% with EBATES and up to 5% with HoneyGold. Sometimes these companies would offer double cash backs or more so it's always good to check back before shopping!

This automatically pops up when I was ordering off from Grub Hub!

Sometimes it works...doesn't hurt to try! :-)

Another favorite part is their LIVE CODES. It's a community that works together to share with everyone else. Do you ever buy your movie tickets online through FANDANGO? Ordered food from places like Domino's Pizza, Papa John's Pizza, Grub Hub...etc.? Sometimes what EBATES doesn't have, HoneyGold does! Sometimes it would deactivate if you already activate cashback through a competitive (EBATES for example).

So here's another great cash back linking service that I found. This one benefits more to Mobile users that either don't have a computer or just prefer shopping from their phone. Available for Apple iOS and Android.

You can earn cash backs by sending in receipts, linking to a loyalty card and mobile in-app purchases. Everyone gets a $10 sign up welcome bonus!

If you shop often at any of these retailers, then this app is right for you!

So in addition to their cash backs, they offer a referral program. Basically you get $5 for each friend who redeems on Ibotta. Best part, there are bonuses! You can earn a total of $20 for two successful referrals, $50 for the next five, and $100 for every ten after that. There's no limit at all!!!

OK so here's another one that I love if Honey fails to find me coupons to apply at checkout. I do not earn any referral bonuses for sharing them, but since I love helping people save money, I would want to share it anyways :-)

Very similar to Honey, this would pop up when you are at checkout!

I am not a Certified Account, but I am a very Savvy Shopping Mom that knows how to save money and help others earn some money. You can call me a Penny Pincher, but this help fund my bills and goals in life especially if you rely on your credit score (I'm in the 800s). I wasn't kidding when I said this is FREE MONEY and whatever you are able to save up, you can actually turn them into investments and multiply your earnings. I always say to others, you have to start somewhere! Am I right!?